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Women's Health

We offer a complete range of health services for women using the latest technologies. We offer antenatal and postnatal appointments as well as contraception, menopause and gynaecological advice.

Our services include cervical smear and HPV testing, Gardasil vaccination and Ovarian and Breast Cancer blood screens.

A Well Women's screen is available - £460

  • Consultation to discuss your medical history
  • Full examination
  • Investigations including
  • Urinalysis
  • Smear test
  • Blood tests for
    • Anaemia
    • Kidney and Liver function
    • Calcium (bone health)
    • Cholesterol and triglycerides (fat in blood)
    • Glucose (sugar)
    • ESR (inflammation)
    • Thyroid function tests
    • Bowel Cancer screening blood test (CEA)
    • Breast and Ovary cancer screening blood test (women - CA 125, CA 15-3)
  • Mammography, bone scan and HPV testing available if required on request
Women's Health